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EU, Arab states launch effort to reinvigorate Israeli-Palestinian peace

Cleveland Jewish News 19 Sep 2023
The meeting, dubbed a “Peace Day Effort,” was the initiative of the European Union, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and the Arab League ... 1 ... The Palestinian leader also repeated the so-called “Khazar Myth” that he has peddled often over the years, stating that Ashkenazi Jews descend from Turkish Khazars who converted, rather than biblical Israelites.. .

Abbas: Hitler fought Jews for their ‘usury and money’

Cleveland Jewish News 07 Sep 2023
24 speech, per a recent translation from the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) ... Not true,” Abbas said ... The Palestinian leader also repeated the so-called “Khazar Myth” that he has peddled often over the years, stating that Ashkenazi Jews descend from Turkish Khazars who converted, rather than biblical Israelites ... .

People are vowing never to eat doner kebabs again after finding out what's really in them

The Daily Mail 28 Jul 2023
The footage has emerged in a video posted by YouTube channel Together TV from Channel 4's Food Unwrapped, which takes a deep dive into the mysteries, secrets and myths behind foods from around the globe. On this occasion they took a look at doner kebabs - a Turkish delicacy of ...

What do Greece and Cyprus expect from Recep Erdogan’s new presidential term?

The Eastern Herald 04 Jun 2023
The results of the presidential elections in Turkey suggest the continuity of Turkish foreign policy ... Zenonas Tsarras, lecturer at the Faculty of Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cyprus and author of the book “8+2 myths about Turkish foreign policy” published in 2022..

Greek Independence Day: Angry reactions to the congratulatory message by the Turkish embassy

Greek City Times 27 Mar 2023
Turkey's friendly rhetoric on the occasion of Greek Independence Day, provoked strong reactions from the leading theorists of Turkish revisionism, such as the retired admirals Cihat Yayci and Cem Gürdeniz ... — Turkish Embassy in Athens (@TC_Atina) March 25, 2023 ... "Our embassy in Athens is celebrating the liberation of Greece from Turkish rule.

The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have shaken both countries

Economist 09 Feb 2023
Soldiers have been redeployed from Turkish-occupied areas of Syria ... Botched search-and-rescue operations exposed the myth of an omnipotent Turkish state, which Turks had been taught to believe in for generations.

Pakistan nominates Erdoğan for the Nobel Peace Prize

Greek City Times 05 Jan 2023
He claimed that the Turkish president "carries the true message of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his teachings of peace, tolerance and love for all humanity, as he continues to dispel the myths an d misconceptions related to Islamic teachings.” ... Pro-Kurdish party has bank accounts frozen by Turkish court.

From Figures of Faith: Did Unitarians and Universalists invent Christmas in America?

St George News 23 Dec 2022
ST. GEORGE — For the “From Figures of Faith” series, St. George News reached out to the Interfaith Council of St. George and asked if they had a message about the holiday season they would like to share with our readers ... Unitarians called for public observance of Christmas around 1800 ... Nicholas, a charitable Turkish bishop, into the myth of Santa Claus.

Istanbul mayor Imamoglu: What does he think of Cyprus?

Greek City Times 15 Dec 2022
The “Cyprus monument” he erected in Istanbul in 2017 represents his nationalistic stance on Cyprus, which takes pride in Turkish occupation of the island and disregards its Greek history and identity ... After all, the very existence of the entire "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” rests on that very absurd albeit convenient myth.

Turkey: "Greece is creating a Shadow Army to kill refugees," writes provocatively Yeni Şafak

Greek City Times 04 Nov 2022
With the provocative title, Turkish outlet Yeni Şafak writes ... Greece is creating a 'Shadow Army' to kill refugees" and continues the fake news against the European country, faithfully following the line of the Turkish government which methodically uses immigration as a tool against Greece and the EU ... Turkish media's obsession with the Greek islands.

Erdogan claims ‘not convincing anyone,’ Greece says

Ekathimerini 22 Oct 2022
“No matter how hard Erdogan and the Turkish leadership tries and insists – with myths, with fabrications, with propaganda, with threats – to create impressions, to panic us, to ...

If you want to keep democracy, vote for Shapirio and Fetterman | PennLive letters

Penn Live 20 Oct 2022
Your vote matters like never before. If you value democracy, vote for Democrats Josh Shapiro for Governor and John Fetterman for U.S. Senate ... He denies Biden is our elected president ... Mastriano calls the separation of church and state a “myth.” Oz, a Turkish citizen who voted in Turkey’s 2018 presidential election, wants to build a wall at the border.

Orhan Pamuk’s Literature of Paranoia

The Atlantic 30 Sep 2022
( Ergenekon is a name from Turkish myth popular among nationalists; it refers to a magical place deep in the Altai Mountains.) Did Pamuk have enemies with murderous intentions? He thought so, and acquired bodyguards ... He resurrected myths from Turkey’s pre-Islamic age, switched ...

Greece Not Turkey's Equal Politically, Economically or Militarily - Erdogan

Urdu Point 06 Sep 2022
MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 06th September, 2022) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that Greece was not Turkey's equal politically, economically, or militarily ... The Turkish leader reminded that his three-day Balkan tour, which will include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia, begins on Tuesday.

Erdogan Says NATO Cannot Be Strong Without Turkey

Urdu Point 02 Sep 2022
Greece's position on the number of controversial issues, including congratulations expressed by NATO to Turkey on the anniversary of its victory in the War of Independence, cannot weaken the ties between the alliance and Ankara, since the organization will never be strong without the latter, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday.

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